Kenyan woman names triplets after Arsenal’s Gabriel trio

Kenyan woman names triplets after Arsenal’s Gabriel trio

A Kenyan woman who gave birth to triplets this week has named her children after Arsenal’s Brazilian stars.

After putting to bed at the Kakuma Mission Hospital in Turkana, the mother named her children Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Magalhaes.

The mother of the babies, Epakan Ekaale is a resident of Loreng’esinyen village of Letea Ward in Turkana West, northern Kenya.

Ekaale was not expecting three bundles of joy but upon hearing the nurse’s verdict, worries about adequate care for the babies clouded her mind with reference to the insufficient profits she makes from selling charcoal.

However, a part of her expectations were met as Arsenal fans in Kenya stormed the medical facility to donate some goodies after pooling resources together.

The fans who were led by Emma Nasuru donated various products including diapers, baby formula and bathing soaps.

Arsenal enjoy large fanbase in the Eastern part of Africa and they are currently in a business partnership with the Rwanda government.

The Gunners have been flaunting the Visit Rwanda logo – a tourism initiative of the government – on their sleeves since 2018.

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