Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy tells you about the kinds of information we hold about you, what we do with it, and why.

As a broad summary, in our business we use information about people:

1. To carry out our work as journalists, by investigating and reporting on stories of relevance to our readers.

2. To deliver our features and editorial content.

3. To provide services such as subscriptions or newsletters that people sign up to, and to operate interactive features like competitions and surveys.

4. To help us to understand our readers and target our marketing and advertising that enables us to continue to finance and bring you our feature and editorial content.

5. To carry out back-office administration and generally run and operate our business, for instance by administering our relationships with suppliers and partner organisations, or handling job applications.

Generally, that will be the case for very specific services such as our commercial job boards or other specialist websites, or where we have a very specific kind of relationship with you.

Behavioural information: As you interact with our website, we or third parties posting advertisements to our site may automatically collect Technical Data about your devices and Usage Data about your browsing patterns by using cookies and similar technologies.

Those third parties may also receive Technical Data and Usage Data about you if you visit other websites employing their cookies and aggregate this data to build Profile Data about you and your interests and preferences in order to target advertisements tailored to your interests.

We or they may obtain additional information from other third-party sources (such as answers to surveys) to enhance Profile Data.

The third-party advertising networks posting ads to our sites include Google. Please bear in mind that none of the techniques we use will actually tell us who you are – we do not use these techniques to collect your name, email address, postal address or phone number.