‘It was a moment of real fear’- Udinese director recounts Ndicka collapse ordeal

Ivory Coast’s Ndicka collapses during Serie A game

Udinese director general Franco Collavino has described Evan Ndicka and his collapse on the pitch in Sunday’s Serie A game with Roma as a “moment of real apprehension”.

The 24-year-old Ivorian defender fell to the ground in the 72nd minute clutching his chest in pain and complaining of breathing difficulties. It required urgent medical attention and he was taken off a stretcher with the referee calling the game off.

Collavino stated that it was initially believed that Ndicka was having muscular discomfort but attention from Roma goalkeeper Mile Svilar signaled it was more serious than thought.

“Those were moments of real apprehension for everyone in that stadium,” Collavino told Sky Sport Italia.

“Initially it looked like some sort of muscular injury, then when the Roma goalkeeper was waving to attract the attention of the two benches, we realised it could be something more serious.

“The process of medical help kicked into action immediately and fortunately it all worked smoothly. We can smile today after the fear has passed.”

Collavino further added: “We were all particularly shaken, none more so than De Rossi, who asked us to suspend the match for a few minutes while he went to check on the player’s condition.

“Once reassured that he was conscious, there was still some uncertainty over what his real condition was. By mutual agreement, the directors of Udinese, Roma and referee Pairetto – who dealt with the situation with great calm and sense of responsibility – we decided it was best to suspend the match.

“I think that was the right choice, because we are men first and men of sport second.”

Collavino praised Udinese fans who went silent after medics made the request to hear if Ndicka’s heart was still beating.

“I think the Udinese fans showed great sporting culture, civility and humanity. The silence requested by the medics and players was very touching, the fact that the crowd immediately fell silent was a sign of respect,” he said.

Ndicka was admitted to hospital and Roma have since released an update, stating that he suffered chest trauma which contributed to his breathing difficulties. He was however cleared of any cardiac-related problems.

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