‘He never gives up’ – Lewis Hamilton’s father on his son’s milestone British GP win

F1: Hamilton opens up about mental struggles following British GP triumph

Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, says his son never gives up after he ended a 56-race drought to win the Formula 1 British Grand Prix on Sunday.

The 39-year-old has struggled to be competitive since he narrowly lost the 2021 world championship to Max Verstappen.

It raised doubts on the Mercedes driver’s ability to still be at the top but Anthony Hamilton stated that his son was not going to let the opportunity of a win slip from his grasp when it presented itself.

“How crazy was that? He was never going to give that up. You just had to watch the times,” the father said.

“It was a tenth here, a tenth there… It didn’t matter what was happening. Lewis was in full control. There was absolutely no way, with that current tyre and the tyres that he had underneath him, that he was going to allow that win to slip for the British public. And that’s what drove him on.

“You know, I always feel it. Because I always know it. At the end of the day, Lewis was second [in qualifying]. He was disappointed – ‘I could have done better’, after qualifying.

“He goes home, refocuses, and comes back. You know he’s calculated everything.

“He’s waited for the environment to change. And when the environment changes, he’s in his element.”

Hamilton’s victory at Silverstone was his 104th of his career which is the most of any driver in history.

He also recorded his 12th consecutive podium at Silverstone and 15th overall which is the also the most of and driver.

Hamilton also became the oldest driver to win a Grand Prix at 39 years and 182 days.

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